Fall Essentials 2013- The Clutch
The Clutch (Pictured Above): Mulberry Pearl Clutch | Saint Laurent Clutch | Claire Vivier Oversized Clutch | Nasty Gal “Beavis & Butthead” Clutch | Coach Ostrich Legacy Clutch | Milly “Demi” Oversized Clutch | Givenchy Clutch

Although I usually opt for a larger handbag, I love a great clutch. Don’t laugh, but there’s something about carrying a great oversized clutch that feels so mature, professional and just overall cool.
When looking for images for inspiration, I couldn’t help but come across countless pictures of Rihanna with her great clutches — especially her Fendi and Celine ones!
The clutch isn’t always the most practical choice (since they typically don’t have straps), but if you are heading to a meeting, lunch/dinner or a no-fuss night out, it’s great!