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What’s up errrrrrbody? Hope you all had a great weekend!
The guys flew out to NYC for the VMAs, so my weekend was super-relaxing consisting of a bit of work from home, catching up on shows, movies, idea-making and TONS of reading. Obviously, I also tuned into the VMAs for *NSYNC’s reunion, Justin’s incredible 90-hour performance and to watch this guy I know perform some songs called Started From the Bottom and Hold on, We’re Going Home

Anywho, I wore this casual getup to an informal meeting last week and it’s totally casual-chic!
I love meetings. Meetings, work, to-do lists; I basically love anything that requires productivity (yes, I am a total nerd).
It was a last-minute decision to pull my hair back and I’m glad I did because it adds a certain je ne c’est quoi to the look.
Heels are totally NOT my thing, but these Nine West x InStyle Shoes are surprisingly comfortable, stylish and affordable! They also come in a metallic silver which I am contemplating getting.

For all you shopaholics like myself, check out Revolve now to get 25% off new arrivals (including some designer items) until September 13th by using code “PSWFALL25” at checkout.
One-time use only. Some designers excluded.
I love you back.

H&M Two Tone Collar Blouse
Nine West Genial Black
Gap Studded Always Skinny Jeans 1969
Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe