redp2Gap Jacket | Zara Pants | Theory Tank | H&M Shoes | Ela Stone Necklace + Bracelet | H&M Ring | “Keeping My Maiden Name” by Essie

My Shminkies!!
It’s been so long! I know I have neglected you for a little but I have been a busy little shminky.
So many things going on and things to plan!
Despite my schedule, I obvi found time to play around with my hair again.
Do I love it? Not yet. It’s not long enough for starters…but hey, nothing a few extensions can’t fix!

Also, I am OBSESSED with these shoes from H&M — something about them reminds me of a pair of Isabel Marant’s.

Zara Red Harem Tassel Pants

Gap Moto Denim Jacket

Keeping My Maiden Name Essie