There’s a good chance you may have seen these cute little faces before…
Say hello to 4-year-old Sade and 3-year-old Spirit…aka The Tspooons!!
During their recent trip to Toronto, we decided to be our usual selves and put on cute outfits and take pictures; you know, just another regular day of being fabulous.
We went on an all-day shopping excursion to Zara, H&M, Gap and Joe Fresh to find some cool looks.
Check out some behind-the-scenes from our fun shoot and we will post complete outfits on Instagram soon!
Big thank you to Mr.Karim for the fun day (Spirit’s new fave person)!

Spirit Witherspoon 6

Spirit getting her pose on in Zara Vest | Zara Dress | Zara Boots
Sade and Courtne 3

Sade the urban girl in Zara Overalls | Zara Top | Zara Shoes | Rebekah Price Necklace
Spirit and Courtne 2

Making some slight adjustments…
Spirit Witherspoon1

Someone stole my Fendi purse!!

Rocker Chick in Joe Fresh Jacket | Gap Tee (Boys) | Joe Fresh Skirt | Zara Shoes | Joe Fresh Sunnies
Sade and Spirit

Outfit change…
Sade Witherspoon 3

Sade the Bohemian Princess in Zara Dress | Hermes Belt
Spirit Witherspoon 8

“Please hold my purse…” in Zara Dress | Zara Shoes | Louis Vuitton Purse | Ela Stone Necklace
Spirit and Courtne

Time for a lip gloss touch up…duh
Sade and Courtne

“Auntie, are we done yet?” in H&M Cardigan | Gap Jeans (Boys) | Gucci Purse | Zara Shoes