Accessories really help to complete an outfit — especially jewelry.
Personally, I’m the type of girl who is attracted to gold-tone and colorful “bling-bling” pieces.
I always find myself picking up a new piece of jewelry, but especially more-so during the summer; there’s something about bright colorful summer dresses that call for a statement piece.
Here are a few items that seem appropriate for the beautiful season!

Summer Jewelry 2013

1. Juice Couture Triangle Stone Cuff
A great statement cuff is a nice alternative from your typical statement necklace or earrings.
You can wear it in the day or night and still wear it with your favorite earrings and/or necklace.

2. Sarah Chloe Linked Initial Ring
I LOVE monogrammed jewelry. Whether it’s an initial pendant or nameplate bracelet, it’s fun to have something personalized with your name on it.
What’s fun about this ring is the style they chose to display the monogram — so hip!

3. J.Crew Citron Crystal Feather Necklace
J.Crew always knocks it out of the park with their jewelry. While some of their price-points can be relatively high, if you do a little digging you can find something special at a decent price.

4. Urban Outfitters Aloha Love Ring
Rings with the ‘love’ motif have been popping up everywhere over the past 3 years. You can find this style at virtually every price-point and to be honest…many of them look the same.
This ring from UO is pretty, dainty and a STEAL at $6!

5. Loren Hope Clara Earrings
Something about these earrings scream ‘Great Gatsby’ to me. They are elegant but still fashion-forward in their own art deco-fashion way.

6. Henri Bendel Wrap Band Ring
Big bold rings are something I have always been attracted to. What better way to show off your fab manicure than with an attention grabbing ring?!

7. Club Monaco Wisteria Earrings
Diamond studs are usually my earrings of choice, but once in a while I like to change it up. Lately I’ve been purchasing more earrings to pair with my summer outfits instead of always wearing a necklace.

8. Juicy Couture Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
I’ve noticed myself drawn lately to all jewelry promoting the evil-eye. It’s also becoming an increasingly popular style in the jewelry world. The evil eye is supposed to protect the person wearing it from jealousy, envy and bad luck. I need to add one of these to my collection ASAP.

9. Coach Cushion Stone Ring
I went into Coach a week or so ago and saw this ring and fell in LOVE. I tried on the opal/moonstone version and it was so stunning in person. I will be heading back into the Coach store to get this bad boy soon.

10. Bauble Bar Blue Gem Spike Bracelet
I’m not typically drawn to spike embellished jewelry, but if it’s spikes infused with pretty sparkly things then I guess it can fly. This bracelet has a touch of edginess but the colored stones still make it feel feminine.

If any of you have any favorite places online or in-store that I should check out for new pieces please let me know!