Stay in Line

I might have a steady hand when it comes to my nails, but it’s a whole other ball game with my eyes. For years I used MAC’s cream Fluidline Eyeliner in “Waveline” (which I adore), then took a break and played around with liquid liners (which I suck at applying). A few weeks ago, I bought the YSL Eyeliner in “Cherry Black” and I’m a VERY happy camper so far. From all the formulas, I definitely prefer cream when it comes to my eyes rather than pencil or liquid. It looks purple in the picture, but “Cherry Black” has a black base with a hint of purple. YSL’s liner promises to provide “all-day wear”, and I will have you know, it provides “all-day all-night until the next morning wear” (wild night out…don’t ask).
ANYWAYS…I absolutely LOVE this eyeliner, and I included 3 brushes that are great for applying this kind of product.

1. Sephora Collection Classic Pointed Brush #17
2. MAC #209 Eye Liner Brush
3. Sephora Collection Pro Angled Brush #23

Essie Nail Polish :: “St. Martin Mint”

What kind of eyeliner do you wear?